Dell Technologies - SmartFabric Services Integrations With VMWare ESXi

April 1, 2020
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CST

Dell Technologies welcomes you to join us online for a webinar on SmartFabric Services Integration with VMWare ESXi.

SmartFabric Services allows customers to quickly and easily deploy and automate data center networking fabrics. SmartFabric services only require customers to perform a single configuration step per switch, automating over 99% of multiple leaf and spine configuration steps, providing elastic network provisioning, integrating with VMware ESXi and ecosystem and delivering an enhanced support experience. SmartFabric Services from Dell Technologies is one major step on your way to delivery cloud like services out of your on-premise data center.

Topics Overview

  • Introduction
  • What is OS10 / Smart Fabric Services
  • Smart Fabric Services Personalities
  • Smart Fabric Services For ESXi
  • SFS / ESXi User Experience
  • Conclusion

Why Attend?

Sam Hassan has a 20 years of experience in Data Center networking and automation. He is passionate about software /open networking, as well as cloud as a consumption model. Over the last several years Sam has been helping customers across North America and specially in western Canada to modernize their data centers using virtualization / automation tools.